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This is a 2-day State approved Concealed Handgun Permit course. Once completed, the student can apply for a State of Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit. The benefits of obtaining a permit include reciprocity with 38 other states and NICS Exemption (quickly purchase firearms).


**Sign-Up Deadline** Due to class minimum attendance, airline tickets and associated costs, please sign up immediately (but no later than September 22nd) to insure the class can proceed without cancellation.**


**MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 21 years of age, not a convicted felon or convicted of a DV crime**


This course introduces the student to Alaska Law regarding the justifiable use of force in defense of self, others and property. We cover the legal issues, interacting with law enforcement, mental preparation, mindset, tactics, gear, as well as proper care, storage & use of a handgun. We focus on safe gun handling skills and techniques that stem from a modern approach to defensive handgun fundamentals. We will be doing a modified class by providing time on our shooting simulator. You will get a chance to go through video shoot/no shoot scenarios and get to practice some marksmanship fundamentals on the simulator. We will also cover the presentation (drawing the pistol), malfunction clearances and how to run your gun. There will be a written test and a firearms qualification as per State regulations.


**MINIMUM 20 rounds of ammunition for qualification**


Location of Class:

Bethel Independent Baptist Church (421 Ridgecrest Drive)


Contact: 907-354-5944

Bethel October 13 & 14 Concealed Handgun Permit Class

  • Due to the nature of scheduling classes based on minimum attendance, and then purchasing airfare to travel and teach the course, refunds are not available.  You may, however, choose to apply your tuition to a class at a later date or transfer your tuition to another qualified individual. If Pioneer Tactical cancels the class for any reason, all money will be refunded.

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