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Urban Rifle-1 Review

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the range time and the classroom discussion.   I didn't find a minute in the classroom discussion to be either boring or a waste of time.   Reviewing the provided notes after the class I do wish that they followed the class discussion a little closer because I really appreciated the discussion.   Some of the items I wrote down that I found interesting was the avg. minimal training police officers receive annually and building clearing techniques.   As far as the advice given, being in the gun culture for sometime the single most important take away I had from this day was how simplified and straightforward the tactical training and advice was for both maneuvers and gear, simply cutting through all the flashy junk out there and providing common sense training examples.   The course was great, I wish I could have run it more!

- Josh-

Basic Pistol Review

 I thought the class was great. Lots of good information and the instructor was very knowledgeable. Only thing I can think of would be to have a little more range time, other then that great class! Lunch was very good as well. I would definitely take another class with Scott.

Thank you,


Urban Rifle-1 Review

The Urban Rifle class is a great start to learning more about how to manipulate and utilize your AR in a defensive situation. The class offered a range of different movement drills and opportunities to practice shooting at different angles. As a women, I found it especially helpful that the instructor gave a variety of techniques to manipulate the rifle so that I could find the one that works best for my body type and strength. Given my small stature, what works for a man doesn’t always work for me. I was able to complete all the drills and feel better prepared because of it.  I felt very comfortable in the class, despite being the only female. The environment placed gun safety as a priority, meanwhile also providing friendly instruction. I would highly recommend this class to anyone, male or female. Fun, insightful and satisfyingly exhausting. 


Basic Pistol Review

The classroom time was extremely helpful to my knowledge base and preparation for time on the range. I appreciated the handouts making it easy to follow Scott's instructions. I also found Scott's real-world examples of safety issues addressed in the handouts helpful in better understanding the importance of those safety  issues. I was nervous about firing on the range but the manner in which Scott ran us through the drills to draw our weapon, to safely load and unload our weapon, and fire our weapon eased my nervousness. By the end of our time on the range, I felt comfortable to be able to carry my weapon. I also felt the knowledge shared by Scott helped me to understand the need to practice these newly learned skills on a regular basis. I was given those skills in this basic class. I want to continue to increase my skill level so will take other courses given by Scott.  I highly recommend this course to others who want to safely protect their family as I do.


Defensive Handgun-1 Review

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but you were very patient with me (a newbie, with quite a startle response to gunfire) and very mild mannered. I guess I was expecting you to yell at me (Thanks Travis). I knew I needed protection and was always sure that I would find gun ownership a scary prospect.  Now I find that is not the case. I really enjoyed myself and found both the lecture and hands-on practice interesting, very informative. well worth my money and time.  It was very helpful to me to have Louise there to give me extra coaching.   I am moving away from this area and I am looking forward to finding a shooting range and more classes in the future.  


The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that everyone did not participate in range clean-up after the class.  I think it is part of being a responsible gun owner/user.  Maybe you could give the certificates in exchange for a bag of casings.


Urban Rifle-1 Review

This was a fantastic course and an absolute blast.  I have hundreds of hours of training while this was my wife’s first rifle class.  The variety of drills and the tempo of the instruction allowed for each of us to operate at our own tempo catering to a wide spectrum of skills. Scott’s method of teaching was hands on and he was able to tailor the instruction to each persons skill level.  

Defensive Handgun-1 Review

I wanted to reach out to you to thank you personally for coming to Bethel.  I had never handled or even held a gun before taking your class and feel more comfortable that if the need presented itself, I would be able to hold my own.  Even more so, I'm appreciative of the change of mindset that happened personally.  I'm an Attorney by trade and I have many, many preconceived and incorrect beliefs about guns (and Police) that were centered around not personal experience and training, but simply media and the pop culture myths that fuel both.  I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity of taking your class.  Hope you are enjoying this great weather and hope to train with you again soon. 


Urban Rifle-1 Review

The class was a great experience. Scott is a very knowledgeable teacher who has put together a great course here! 


Defensive Handgun-1 Review

This was a ton of fun.  I have a fair amount of experience target shooting and hunting, but I have never had any sort of tactical training.  I learned a lot and had to work on some bad habits I'd developed over the years.  I found the method of instruction straightforward and effective.  Things were broken down into super simple steps that were then stacked together into more complicated drills.  This course was a huge confidence builder.  Two criticisms:  first, this is too much information for 1 day.  We were only able to practice some of the techniques a single time.  On the other hand, I probably wouldn't have been able to commit to a 2-day course... so I guess that's the trade off.  Second, I think segregating this class into two groups (shooting experience vs no shooting experience) might result in a better experience for all students.  Some of us had shooting experience we wanted to build on, others had basically no previous experience with handguns.  This meant the instructor had to jump around a lot.  In summary, this was a ton of fun, I learned a boat-load and I left the class with a lot of new techniques to practice.  I would definitely recommend this course and this instructor.  I would definitely take more classes offered by Pioneer Tactical.


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